Man, PDA is fire! I can't wait to get the EP! I see great things in this guy for sure!”


Benjamin Scott Chappell - professionally known as Lounge 9 - is a Beaumont, TX native who's career and following is growing rapidly on the Atlanta, GA scene. Not only an artist, Lounge 9 is a triple threat in the industry, proficient in songwriting and production. 

Growing up, his family awakened his passion with constant gifts of musical instruments. He fell in love with the drums, which ultimately led to his first gig - playing for his church choir at the age of ten. Drums became his life and he obsessed over becoming a member of the Southern University marching band.  In 2004, that dream was realized. The experience sharpened his awareness of rhythmic patterns, taking his production to a heightened level of precision.

Lounge 9 has a unique sound that brings forth a melange of urban greats to include Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, and John Legend.

Today Lounge 9 is counting down to the release of his EP Free B4 Twelve - available for digital download March 6th across all platforms. A soft release of the first single from the EP - PDA - was released January 29th.  A live preview of the EP is being scheduled in March. 

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